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If young people are to fully participate in our increasingly tech-enabled world, greater numbers will have to be tech literate. If they are to be empowered citizens instead of beguiled consumers, they need to understand how tech shapes society and impacts every part of our modern lives. Not only will there be more tech jobs; increasingly, more jobs will have a tech dimension to them. That is as is should be, because technological advances will play a major role in solving some of the biggest challenges society faces – climate change, healthcare, poverty and inequality.

How people become able to harness technology will be one of the defining issues of the decades ahead. We want young people to know they belong in a world where they can be the makers and creators of innovation: it’s a world that they can help build and develop.

Computer code is the language of this world and, in just some few months, you can learn enough to build your first website . If we target young men and women who have struggled in school and with the law, but have the potential to develop something employers desperately need with computer programming skills, this will decrease the rate of unemployment in a way.

The teenagers of today, haven’t known a life without technology. It’s been an integral part of their existence, in many cases for the whole of their lives. They’ve taken to it like ducks to water when their parents have struggled simply learning how to program a VCR.

But when something is part of your environment from an early age, you’re bound to adapt to it and embrace it as a perfectly natural part of your life. That’s what the young have done with new technology; young people feel perfectly comfortable with it. You might not understand everything your mobile phone can do, even after reading the manual, but the chances are a teen can figure it out without the book in under an hour. Technology is a normal facet in their lives, and they’re fearless about pushing buttons and experimenting. Where older people fear they’ll either break something or change the settings beyond repair, the young understand that everything can be put back the way it was quite easily. Technology doesn’t scare them.

The Mocominds Innovation of Talent & Technology (MITT).

We aim at providing solid foundation of mathematics, science and engineering to students aged between 8 and 18 through the use of technology. These include robotics,electronics, application development and creative art.

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